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Bathroom remodeling Rockville

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Bathroom remodeling Rockville
Bathroom remodel
Bathroom remodeling project in Rockville, MD.



Planning a Bathroom Renovation in Rockville MD or the DMV area? Save money with these remodeling tips.

Bathrooms often get overlooked, but they’re essential. A bathroom in poor condition can be a hassle. If you’re tired of your bathroom’s look, remodeling is possible, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Popular culture may suggest that Bathroom Remodeling in Rockville is expensive, but that’s not always the case. For quality and affordable bathroom contractors in Rockville, turn to Experts Remodel.

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Make essential changes!

Why replace the entire toilet when you only need a new seat and lid? This simple swap saves on plumbing and the cost of a new unit. If your bathroom’s wall finish is faded, opt for partial replacement instead of an expensive overhaul. This saves money without sacrificing the overall look. Stop wasting your money needlessly.

Explore salvage options!

Start your remodel journey at salvage stores for budget-friendly finds. Hunt for deals in flea markets, antique shops, resellers, and auctions with the help of a renovation expert. Research, compare prices, and prioritize quality. You can also salvage items like cast iron tubs, light fixtures, and sinks or seek guidance from your remodeling contractor.

Refresh your vanity!

Revamp your aging vanity with affordable options from flea markets and antique stores. You don’t need to splurge; choose an attractive, low-cost piece. Consider refinishing your existing vanity with the help of a contractor. Update drawers, sand, paint, and replace the countertop for a fresh look.

Affordable flooring alternatives!

Expensive tiles can strain your budget, so opt for two practical flooring options: tiles (Porcelain, Ceramic, Marble, Granite) or vinyl flooring (Luxury Vinyl Flooring – LVP). Plan with your contractor to use these for part of the space, and consider reclaimed wood panels or bead-board for the rest. While wood requires more maintenance, it adds warmth and charm to your space.

Choose open shelves!

Cabinets can be costly, but open shelves offer a similar effect. Personalize your design to your liking, especially if you plan to sell your house. Consult your expert for guidance. Use a few drawers and stylish baskets for storage. Enhance the look with colorful towels, soaps, and decorative items.

Affordable remodeling is possible. Find a reputable company to deliver quality work within your budget. Avoid overpriced quotes and focus on increasing your property’s value with your investment.

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