Managing a Whole-House Remodel Successfully

Whether a complete remodel has been the goal for years, or it’s a newly presented opportunity to turn that fixer-upper into your dream house, a whole house remodeling project is one that takes careful planning. While it can be daunting, starting out prepared is the best way to ensure success.

Do your research and find a reputable, licensed contractor for your project. From the budget to the design and planning to the execution, the remodeling contractor you choose will be the key to a successful transformation. Having open, consistent communication with your remodeler and being able to rely on their expertise can make what may initially seem like an overwhelming project one that is actually manageable with minimal stress.

Selecting the Right Remodeling Contractor

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Write out your initial ideas for your complete remodel. What is your overall goal? Do you want to change the structural layout, so you have more open space or a flow that’s more conducive to your family’s needs? Or are you looking more to updating the cosmetic features and appearance of an outdated home while keeping the existing layout?

Defining Your Remodeling Goals and Priorities

Are you going to be in residence while the remodeling is occurring, or do you plan to live elsewhere during the construction? This can have big impact on the planning and execution of your remodel (perhaps your remodel will be broken up into separate phases to allow you to remain in the home during the project), so make sure you discuss this with your remodeler to ensure they know how to work that into their plan. Think about what you’ll need to remove from the home or relocate while the remodeling takes place, and start decluttering and considering temporary storage options, if necessary.

These “bigger-picture” questions are ones that will help your contractor build a plan that not only works with your budget but will help maintain realistic expectations for timelines as well. The goals you have for your complete remodel may involve permitting and inspections, as well as intensive electrical, plumbing and structural work, so being upfront about your goals is the best way to ensure you have honest conversations with your chosen remodeling company.

Residence During Remodel: Considerations and Planning

Keep in mind that a whole-house remodeling project may involve planning; demolition; electrical, plumbing and HVAC; framing and drywall work; new doors and windows; flooring; painting; installation of cabinets and fixtures; trim and finish work; and clean up. Be prepared for delays, as delivery of materials as well as granting of permits and scheduling of necessary inspections works on the availability and schedules of others working with your contractor. Take advantage of your remodeler’s expertise and their relationships with local suppliers when it comes time to make design decisions and purchases, such as flooring, appliances, tile, paint, fixtures, etc.

The remodeling of your home is an important and exciting investment. While the amount of work involved can seem formidable, don’t be afraid to reach out to a local, reputable remodeling contractor to start a conversation. Working with the right experts, you can get the house you and your family have always imagined

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