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Get a Functional Yet Beautiful Basement

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Get a Functional Yet Beautiful Basement

Have you been putting off finishing your basement? Or is it finished, but just used for storage and more of an afterthought? Whether your basement space is small or large, finished or unfinished, there are ways to maximize its use AND enhance its appearance.

The first step in a basement renovation or remodel is determining its purpose. Space obviously will factor into your options, but there are myriad ways to improve your basement’s design and function.

What are you missing in the rest of your home, and what do you dream of for your basement space?

  • Is your space dated and in need of renovation?
  • Does your existing basement bathroom “look” like a basement bathroom, drab and dark?
  • Do you want an office or craft room?
  • Need a play area for the kids, but also a fun spot to watch the game with friends?
  • Would a more functional, spacious laundry room be valuable?
  • Do you want an additional bedroom and/or bathroom?
  • Have you dreamed of an at-home gym, or your own bar?

Do your research and find a reputable, licensed remodeling company. They will ensure that you have all necessary permits, and that your remodel meets your locality’s building/residential codes. For example, if you want to add an extra bedroom in your basement, both Maryland and Virginia code require at least one operable window or door for emergency egress or rescue in each basement bedroom.

It’s also important that your chosen remodeler assesses your basement’s structure. What is the state of your foundation? Are there any current or potential water issues? Do you have sufficient insulation? Is the electrical and plumbing up to code? Ensuring that all of the practicalities are addressed when redesigning your basement means you can rest easy when the project is complete.

The expertise of your chosen remodeling company is not only vital in making sure that any potential structural issues are addressed, but also in obtaining your desired design and aesthetics. Once you’ve determined your goals for your basement renovation or remodel, and your remodeling contractor has evaluated your current space, you can discuss those goals and your budget, and collaborate on a design plan that gets you your ideal basement.

Your remodeler’s know-how and resources will be essential in your design process. Consider lighting: Most often viewed as an accessory when remodeling other spaces – such as kitchens or bedrooms – your lighting scheme will be key to a livable and enjoyable space, as natural light is typically lacking in basements. Recessed lighting, ceiling light fixtures, and sconces are a few of the options, as well as determining if you want switch control or smart lighting. Then it’s a matter of your style preference.

Making the most of your basement space is one of the most effective investments you can make in your home. With the right team of experts guiding your redesign and remodel, a functional yet beautiful basement is within reach.

To see what options await you with your current basement space, feel free to reach out to us.

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