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Maryland pergola project by a trusted general contractor.

Discover Why We're Among the Top Companies for Pergola Design

The pergola is always a well-loved aspect of any patio or deck design. It has remained a favorite idea for home remodeling over the decades.

The flexibility of designing a pergola makes contractors resort to it repeatedly. It can be shaped and customized to fit any patio, deck, or front yard design.

Pergolas, also known as Arbors, provides additional space to enjoy the great outdoors. Summer days in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia are prime pergola season. Many homeowners and their guests enjoy a hot summer’s day in the shade of a pergola while enjoying a glass of their favorite iced drink.

There is no doubt that having a pergola or trellis adds a lot of value to your home in more ways than one!

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Pergolas in Maryland, DC and Virginia

Experts Remodel Can Help Design And Build Your Pergolas

Our team at Experts Remodel has had years of experience in getting our clients their dream pergola.

From creating a brand-new pergola to replacing or repairing an existing one, we can handle it all. We will ensure that the resulting pergola is 100% to your satisfaction.

Pergolas can be designed as ornamental pieces that add a touch of luxury to your home, or they can be a practical extension. You can opt for a vintage, rustic, modern, or contemporary design- the options are endless! 

Why Opt For Building A Pergola?

Pergolas create shade and reduce the effects of sun glare while you are enjoying your time in nature. Not only this, they are super customizable and can be molded to fit your home’s theme. It’s the perfect way to have your home looking like it’s straight out of a magazine!

In addition to this, pergolas are very valuable when it comes to taking up your property’s resale value.

Experts Remodel Process

Benefits Of Installing A Pergola In Your Home

Having a pergola in your home gives you many benefits – here are some of them:

1.More Green Spaces

Who doesn’t want more green spaces around the home?

If you have a garden that you’ve painstakingly pruned over the seasons, you’ll want to enjoy it when summer comes around.

Pergolas allow you to create a comfortable yet functional space to enjoy your outdoor space.

 2.Beautiful Aesthetic

Pergolas or Trellises can be designed in several creative ways. They are the perfect way to add to the beauty of your outdoor space without taking too much away from it.

3.Increases Home Value

A well-designed arbor greatly increases the value of your home.

 4.Privacy For You

Need somewhere private around your garden to read a book, work, or simply sit? And not worry about the neighbors prying eyes while you do it? Pergolas are just what you need!

Other Services We Provide

Apart from building Pergolas, here is a list of other services that we provide:

  1. Designing Trellis for Ornamental Gardens
  2. Replacing, Repairing and Maintaining Custom Arbors
  3. Recommendation of Design and Materials to use for your Home Pergolas
  4. Repairing and Maintaining Pergolas

…and more!

If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out more about Our Services.

Step 1
Initial Call
You call us with all your requirements for your Pergola or Trellis project. We establish a broad scope of work and a rough price range.
Step 1
Step 2
On-site visit
We visit your home to conduct detailed research like measurements, fixtures, fittings etc.
Step 2
Step 3
Designing stage
Based on what you want, we design the project and sent you a proposal.
Step 3
Step 4
Execution / Construction
Once you like our proposal, we complete all prerequisites and get to work.
Step 4
Landscape designer Custom Pergola & Pebble Concrete Project gallery Mount Rainier, MD Landscape designer Custom Pergola & Pebble Concrete Project gallery Mount Rainier, MD

Why Choose Us?

Our entire team of staff, designers, and builders is in-house.

For you, this means minimal risk of miscommunication right from when you call us to when the project is completed.

We take utmost pride in being able to customize all our projects based on what our clients expect. Our team works hard to incorporate all requirements into the finished product. We also ensure each project is functional and sustainable while adding to the property value.

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The lifespan of a pergola that was built professionally is between 20 to 50 years. It must be cleaned and maintained annually. Proper maintenance includes the removal of staining and re-sealing and repainting as needed.

A trellis is a lattice that can be freestanding and supports plants. A pergola is freestanding and has sturdy posts to hold up a flat roof that provides partial or full shade for a deck or patio. An arbor is often freestanding and creates a tunnel that shades a garden gate, path, or bench.

What you choose depends on your garden’s size and personal preference.

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