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First-Level & Kitchen Renovation in Gaithersburg MD

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First-Level & Kitchen Renovation in Gaithersburg MD




Full home renovation in Gaithersburg, MD
Our recent first-level remodeling project in Gaithersburg, MD, marks a stunning transformation blending modern convenience with timeless elegance. The centerpiece of this endeavor is the fully revamped kitchen, boasting sleek new cabinets and a striking island addition, while the removal and covering of a door optimize space and flow. Complementing this, a comprehensive redesign of the living area brings new life with a fresh coat of paint and the replacement of outdated flooring with luxurious hardwood. Structural enhancements including the replacement of loadbearing walls with LVL loadbearing structures create a spacious, contemporary atmosphere, redefining the home’s aesthetic and functionality.

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February 2024


Gaithersburg, MD

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