Bathroom Remodeling in Falls Church, Virginia

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Our company recently collaborated with a homeowner to revitalize, extend, and modernize an antiquated bathroom. The extension allowed for a more spacious and well-utilized layout, complemented by significant transformations, including the removal of the tub and its replacement with a stylish new walk-in shower. Additionally, a new vanity, floor tiles, and a frameless LED mirror were seamlessly integrated into the space, contributing to the overall contemporary design. The collaboration resulted in a harmonious blend of design elements and personalized touches, including a fresh paint job that deepened the space and moody marble bath tiles that added a touch of luxury. This meticulous attention to detail has transformed the previously outdated bathroom into a haven of comfort and sophistication, showcasing the successful partnership between our company and the homeowner in Falls Church, VA.

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January 2024


Falls Church, VA

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