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Concrete Installation and Repair Services

There is no better way to build on the aesthetic quality of a modern home than with one of the most common materials used in construction today, Concrete.

Concrete has the unique ability to be molded, shaped and formed in nearly any way imaginable depending on the skills of the contractor used. This flexibility has made it possible to use concrete in many previously unheard of places in the home. Examples of such uses range from screed concrete floors and counter tops to elaborate driveways and staircases.

Whether it is creating a concrete driveway, screed floor, concrete paving around the exterior of the home, or an entire concrete patio remodeling job, our concrete experts will be able to turn your vision into a reality, tackling any challenges that may occur along the way with our years of experience in the trade.

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Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia Concretes

Experts Remodel Can Help You With Your Residential Concrete

If you are looking to enhance your home with the wonders of concrete, our team at Experts Remodel can assist you in getting the perfect concrete pour every time.

Residential concrete is one of the best materials you can use to create a home design which is truly customized to fit your individual home needs.

Driveways and patios are some of the most common projects when it comes to the us of residential concrete though many other residential applications for concrete exist. We have worked closely with our many clients to turn their homes into showcase-worthy dwellings, with the many of our projects involving the use of concrete in innovative and modern home solutions.

Concrete is long lasting, and has impressive flexibility as a building material while still retaining a structural integrity that can withstand the effects of passing seasons their respective weather types.

Concrete has long been looked down on as simple construction material but has found new purpose in the modern home allowing for some truly spellbinding modern architecture to come to fruition, especially when paired with high quality glass windows and steel beams. 

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Types Of Residential Concrete Projects We Have Done

At Experts Remodel, Concrete working is our forte.

Here are some examples of the most common types of residential concrete projects we have done for our satisfied clients in our local areas of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia and the surrounding areas.

1.Concrete Driveways

The driveway is the area of the home that has a lot of heavy duty load bearing traffic, day in and day out.

Whenever you drive your car out and come back home, you use your driveway. It only makes sense to choose a driveway material that is tough, durable and can withstand the extremes of constant exposure to the elements. From the heat of summer to the frosty temperatures of winter your driveway needs to be able to handle it all and concrete driveways are very good at dealing with all manner of extreme conditions.

At Experts Remodel, we only use the best concrete mixtures to create driveways that will last you 30 years or more with minimal maintenance.

2.Concrete Patios

A patio is a location in your home which will really benefit from the use of concrete, especially if you want a hardy yet cost effective patio.

3.Concrete Paving

The paving of your home is an integral part of the home that affects the esthetic of your home and yard. Considering how cheap and flexible concrete paving can be in creating great paving solutions it is hardly surprising that this is fast becoming one of the go to paving solutions in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas.

You can choose to use concrete to match the colors, structure and overall look and feel of your home to complete the entire esthetic experience.

4.Concrete Structural Work

This refers to walls, car ports, piers, foundation slabs and other related parts of the home that are not really shown off to the outside.

However, they are equally as important when it comes to providing structural integrity for your home and can allow for intricate architectural designs which do change the esthetics of the home, especially when paired with large modern glass windows or sliding doors.

5.Customizable Concrete

You can choose to have customized concrete in any part of your home. There is a lot of flexibility and options available to you. Speak to our expert designers to make your designs a reality.

Our extensive experience with concrete allows you to mix and match different types of materials such as Flagstone, Steel, Glass, Cobblestone, Brick, and much more in order to create a personalized and modern look for your home.

Other Services We Provide

Additional services we provide as it relates to concrete include:

  1. Concrete Driveway Installation by Professionals
  2. Concrete Patios
  3. Installation of Walkways and Stairs (concrete)
  4. Stamps / Pebbles (concrete)
  5. Concrete Retaining Walls

…and more!

If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out more about Our Services.

Step 1
Initial Call
You call us with all of your requirements for your residential concrete project. We establish a broad scope of work and a rough price range.
Step 1
Step 2
On-site visit
We visit your home to conduct detailed research like measurements, fixtures, fittings etc.
Step 2
Step 3
Designing stage
We get to work designing all of the tasks required in the project and present the solution in a proposal to you.
Step 3
Step 4
Execution / Construction
Upon agreement of the proposal, we immediately start applying for the necessary permits and we begin construction ASAP!
Step 4

Why Choose Us?

We have been serving our clients in the Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia areas with a near perfect track record for many years. We strive to continually surpass the expectations of our clients, no matter the size, complexity or scope of the project we take on.

Whether it is a simple concrete pavement job, or an entire driveway and patio overhaul, you can be assured Experts Remodel is always there to help you get the work done efficiently and to your complete satisfaction.

Concrete services at Experts Remodel is fast becoming one our most sort after services as we continue to dazzle and stun our clients with new an innovative ways of using concrete to bring their homes a new modern look. 


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Yes, the cost of an asphalt driveway is typically cheaper than a concrete driveway. Though asphalt comes with its own set of issues. Speak with a specialist before making your choice.

Absolutely yes, we install rebars before pouring the cement what makes the concert last many more years. Wood retaining walls will eventually rot and fail, while professionally poured concrete walls will support more earthen weight and last far longer.

Concrete is inherently water-resistant, so it is an ideal construction material for structures such as basements and bridges. However there are specific steps and mixtures needed to achieve proper water proofing. If you need waterproof concrete then you must speak with an expert in the concrete remodeling space. Do not attempt to waterproof an area with concrete without the proper skills and expertise.

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